Anonymous said: the blade girl just looks like a chobit

Err… No.

Seeing as this isn’t a question, It won’t be answered by any of my characters.

Okay, you claim she ‘looks like a chobit’ but really, it’s just the ears, right? Because you referred to her as ‘the blade girl’ instead of ‘nina’ or ‘blade dancer’ I’ll just assume you don’t know much about her personality and based your statement on looks alone.

Now, I’ll admit, I got the ear idea from chobits, but if you look at my first designs for her here:

She didn’t even have those ears. She didn’t have them in her big app either:


There were SOMETHING there, yes, but those were based on the original pokemon she’s based on, bisharp:  http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/bisharp 

Even in her very first in-character posts she didn’t have the chobits ears:
Just some… bulges to indicate her helmet doesn’t just magically appear and disappear out of nowhere.

But later I decided to draw chobits ears on her for 2 reasons:
1. It was easier to draw. 2 They looked a lot cuter on her.

I did not intend on giving her chobits ears from the start, it’s just something that crossed my mind a lot later. They don’t even serve the same function… as I recall a chobit’s ear contains a… charger in it? A wire of some sort? Something like that, While Nina’s ears, in addition to transforming into her helmet, serve as signals. If her blades are busted, jammed, no longer function, ect. The ear on the side of the busted blade will start flashing red, sending a signal to the laboratory, notifying them of the problem.

Also, I just looked up Chii and I noticed that you also may think the hair looks similar? Now that’s purely unlucky coincidence. I designed her way before I even thought about giving her chobits ears. If I would’ve planned her to be like Chii, I would’ve done so from the beginning and I would’ve made her refer to herself in third person. (which she doesn’t! That would be… quite annoying…) 

So, in conclusion, yeah, the ears were inspired by chobits, nothing else.

Also, here’s a Nina doodle for you.


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